About The Artist

Meet Abigail Dillon

Passionate about her craft, Abigail Dillon continues to re-imagine how traditional  and non-traditional materials are used to create a functional sneaker.  She pushes the boundaries between Art and footwear to produce imaginative, one-of-a-kind wearable art for her clients.

Beginning her career in art over 20 years ago,  she first emerged as a Hyper-Realistic Digital Artist with her work hanging in galleries and private collections nationwide.  However, the allure of a classic white sneaker was not the only a iconic fashion staple in her beloved Hip-Hop community but a playground for Abigail. She soon made the connection between her Art and her love of sneaker culture and began producing Art ON sneakers.  3 years ago, she formally trained with the World-renowned Shoe Surgeon in Los Angeles and the opportunity to turn her art INTO a sneaker was born.

Raised in Houston, Abigail holds a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and Industrial Distribution with a specialization in Consumer Science and Merchandising from the University of Houston.  She is a published columnist and is the founder of a public school educational art program for young girls.

Abigail is currently making a name for herself as a Professional Custom Sneaker Designer and Cordwainer (A person who makes shoes from new material, leathers, etc.) in an industry traditionally dominated by men.  In fact, she is believed to be the only Black female Professional Sneaker Cordwainer in the country.  “For me, this is bigger than footwear.  This is my Art.  This is my voice, the voice of a Black Woman who is making room for herself and space for the next generation of female Sneaker Artists and Designers to be seen and heard.  This is the legacy I hope to leave.”

“Being 1st generation Jamaican-American, I’ve always been fascinated by the History, fashion and colorful culture of the Caribbean.  I think that’s what inspires my bold color choices reflected in my work.”